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José Silva Founder of the Science of Psychorientology
“So that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world”
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ESP takes on a new meaning Notice that we changed the meaning of ESP from "extra sensory perception" to "effective sensory projection."  I changed the concept because functioning from the base of the inverted bell-shaped graphed is not an extra sensing mechanism. It is a prior sensing mechanism. Once you are able to function with awareness from the base of the inverted bell-shaped s\graph (which is right in the center of the normal use of the brain frequency spectrum, or ten cycles per second, in the center of the alpha range), then awareness can be projected to either arm of the inverted bell- shaped graph. When you project to the right arm of the inverted bell- shaped graph (the right brain hemisphere) and your awareness (your mind) detects and becomes aware of a problem situation and transmits this to human intelligence through the faculty of visualization, and human intelligence receives this information and becomes aware of it, then human intelligence can use the faculty of imagination and project an influence that brings about a correction of the problem. As I see it, this is more projection from a prior level of brain evolution than it is sensing with an extra sense. Next:  Guided to a lottery ticket 
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